be Creative

Business problems are complex and complicated solutions can be brittle and prone to failure. Getting to simple and elegant solutions is difficult.


Don't worry, we can help! Using "Design Thinking" approaches, we help you uncover options and ideas that are not immediately obvious, and unlock solutions not previously thought of..

be Impactful

Sometimes knowing what you want is not enough.  Sometimes you need people to build tailored technology solutions that bring your business ideas to life so they can have an impact in the real world.


We are those people!  We do it fast, efficiently and we're very good at it too!

be Self-reliant

Having empowered and properly skilled people is a must for sustained success in any organisation.


By engaging in highly targeted, accelerated learning workshops, we provide the tools, techniques and industry tips & tricks to help people excel.



01 / Blockchain
02 / IoT & Mobile
03 / e-Commerce

We know Blockchain! We understand how this technology works, what it is good for (and what it is not good for), and we know how to build blockchain systems.

Our blockchain ecosystem of choice is Hyperledger, with a particular preference for Hyperledger Fabric.

However, we are also up to speed with Ethereum, Corda R3, and  Hyperledger Sawtooth. 

Hardware devices are getting smarter, which presents lots of interesting opportunities. 

Smartphones are now the primary device for many people consuming data and for communication.

Whether it's internet connected  temperature sensors on your shipping containers, or a mobile app to allow customers to buy your product, we build and integrate with (almost) any hardware and mobile device. 

Selling stuff on the internet has been around since the 1990s. Thankfully tools and processes have dramatically improved since then!


We have years of pedigree in creating e-commerce systems that integrate with different payments systems, shopping carts, backend databases, etc. ... You name it and we have probably integrated with it!




Abe Sahely
Managing Director - Business
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A senior digital executive who is passionate about shaping digital product innovations and making them a reality, taking full advantage of his 20+ years’ experience leading complex business transformation programs.

Abe has a lived understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with bringing innovations to life. He can navigate the complexities and provide the leadership to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together - business models, customer experience, customer and partner channels, business case and investment, organisational structures, technology platforms and delivery.

Martin Halford
Managing Director - Technology
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An executive level technologist with extensive experience and a proven track record in scaling Agile software development teams and delivering complex technology products and projects across international boundaries.

With real-world experience of developing technical solutions in blockchain, mobile, e-commerce and enterprise applications, Martin has hands-on experience with a myriad of technologies. 

With 20+ years of solving and delivery technology solutions, he is a skilled communicator, and can explain complex technical concepts in ways that non-technical people can appreciate




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