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The smartLegal platform is a mobile-friendly, web-based platform developed by beNEXT to host Accord Project compatible smart legal contracts. 

Although currently customised for real estate contracts, the smartLegal platform is a generic service that can host smart legal contracts for any industry.

To learn more please see our explainer video.

1. How to register and login.
2. How to add a property.
3. How to add an agreement
4. How to sign an agreement
5. How to invite someone to sign
6. How to modify a signed agreement
7. How to add a shortcut to a Home Screen
8. Convini Integration
9. Onboarding Screens
10. Handling legacy PDF real estate contracts
Register and login
Add a property
Add an agreement
Sign an agreement
Invite a signatory
Modify signed agreement
Add Shortcut to Home
Convini Integration
Onboarding Screens
Legacy PDFs
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